Lego’s are a big hit at our house. They offer hours of endless fun and creativity and I wanted to put them to work on a birthday cake!

My daughter was kind enough to give me a few of her Lego’s to use as samples. I purchased a silicone molding kit and followed the directions to create 3 different sized Lego molds. If I were doing this again, I would make several of each size because it would go faster. Once the molds were set, I melted chocolate wafers in each of the Lego colors. I used a small spoon to get the chocolate into all the parts of the Lego molds. I learned quickly that if I didn’t get the melted chocolate into the entire mold, there would be holes in the chocolate Legos. I was also sure to tap each of the molds to allow the air bubbles to escape.

I baked several  square cakes and layered them with butter cream frosting. Then I covered the entire cake with butter cream frosting. I used a paper towel and fondant smoother to create a smooth look on my cake. Then I made marshmallow fondant and colored them with food coloring to match the chocolate Legos. I rolled the fondant out and used a rolling cutter to cut the fondant into rectangles and squares. I used butter cream frosting to stick the fondant Legos to the cake. I cut long rectangles out of gum paste and rolled them at one end to be a part of the construction site.

I decorated the sides of the cake using different colored butter cream.  I used a large circle frosting tip to create balloons and a small circle frosting tip to create the balloon strings. I placed real Lego construction workers and a few construction vehicles around the cake, so it looked like they were building the cake. I also crumbled some chocolate cake and placed it with a bulldozer to look like dirt.

The Lego cake was a huge hit. The construction workers did a great job on their project!