Coolest Lego Birthday Cake for a Lego Theme Birthday Party

We had to come up with a unique Lego birthday cake. My 6 year old daughter decided to do a Lego theme party so she could invite some boys to the party. I’m in trouble in 10 years!! After gathering ideas from this site we decided on doing small-ish bricks in a cupcake size. That way each child could have their own brick.

We baked our own Funfetti cake which I let my daughter help with.  We did a double batch of this in a 10×13 pan.  It made a nice dense cake that was easy to work with.  I refrigerated the Lego birthday cake before cutting and then kept the pieces in the fridge  until I was ready to ice each one.

A simple butter cream was used for the icing. The knobs on top of the bricks were dried out mini marshmallows cut in half. Drying them out helped a lot with keeping the shape while decorating with them. All the moisture came back once they were iced and in the fridge).  It took me 4 nights to do all the bricks. I just iced them with the butter cream and let them dry slightly. Then I  patted down the icing with my fingers and a soft cloth.

The Lego men are Wilton melting candy in yellow and I used a silicone ice cube tray bought off Amazon.  The base is Wilton gum paste colored and rolled thin then I pressed a square Lego  base piece into it and cut them (easy!!).  We topped it with Lego candles bought on Amazon as well and voila!

We ended up cutting the 2×6 bricks in half for the kids and even that was quite a bit of cake but most wanted a 2×2 brick all to themselves so the concept that my daughter and I was a big hit.

Thank you to all the Lego cake builders before me for the inspiration, for our Lego birthday cake. We are making one big brick for the family party tomorrow as this was likely a once in a lifetime operation for me!

More Pictures of our Lego Birthday Cake

Coolest Lego Birthday Cake

Coolest Lego Birthday Cake

Coolest Lego Birthday Cake