Another of my favorite cakes and pastimes! Who doesn’t love LEGO’s??  This was a quarter sheet cake cut into Lego shaped pieces, the top notches are marshmallows cut in half. Perfect for any child’s party, theme party, even an 80’s theme party!! The approximate time took to create this masterpiece was 2 hours. It was made for one of my regular customers.

I love the bright colors, and if you look at the cake from any angle it actually looks like a Lego sculpture that was built! I’ve had so many people comment that it looks too real to eat!! This can also be done in fondant, then the notches can be made out of fondant and attached to the top instead of marshmallows. Absolutely the memories come flooding back when looking at and making this amazing confectionery wonder! Anyone can make this cake even though it looks complicated, it is incredibly easy!! Enjoy and I hope this cake brings you all as much joy as it gives me!!