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Little Johnny the Friendly Ghost Cake

I created this adorable little Johnny the friendly ghost cake guy for my son’s preschool class. I boldly volunteered for room mom duties and Halloween is the first class celebration of the new school year, so I had to create something everyone would love. How better to get your name out there and attract new cake customers than to create an adorable cake for a school event where all the moms will be present….(I clearly had no ulterior motives).

I gave my four year old son an option between a few different cake ideas and this one won hands down. A ghost trick or treating was the winner…not too scary and oh so Halloween.

I stacked seven layers of yummy chocolate cake to create the body under the costume. The top was rounded for the head. It really was the easiest sculpted cake I have ever created. Now, getting the “sheet” to lay just right on the ghost was a little challenging. I think I re-did it… oh… I don’t know… five or six times.

The little shoes and candy bag and candy are all created using homemade marshmallow fondant. My son had shoes that looked exactly like these so even though it was for the entire class, you know I had to throw that little detail in there to make him feel extra special.

I arrived early to decorate the class for the party. I set the little cake right smack dab in the middle of the table. As all the children and parents filled the room, no one mentioned the cake. No one oohed and aahed…no one said anything about it. I was a little sad.

Finally my sweet son said, “Hey guys! Don’t you love my cake! My mom is the best cake decorator in the world!” And of course everyone erupted with laugher and went on and on about how they thought it was part of the decorations and didn’t even realize it was a cake. So much fun!!!!