Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cakes

I made Ariel for a friend of mine’s daughter. The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie when I was little and is still one of my favorites so I loved making this cake.

After searching this site for other Little Mermaid birthday cakes this is how I started. First I made a half sheet cake. I got a template of Ariel off the internet and used that to outline her body and then filled in the rest with the appropriate colors. Her face was challenging (I think I made her nose a bit too big) but overall I think she turned out good. I used a small carnation tip for her tail and used some fondant tinted green for the part of her tail that goes around her waist to give it some dimension.

I lightly brushed a little Wilton Pearl dust on her tail after the icing had crusted to give it a more mermaid look!

More Little Mermaid Birthday Cakes

Cake by Latha G., Vancouver, Canada

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

In keeping with my daughter’s Ariel themed birthday I made Little Mermaid birthday cakes in the form of cupcakes for her to take to school. The Wiltons yearbook has a great idea for cupcakes but since I was transporting them to school I decided to keep the icing decorations small so they would not break. The cupcakes were iced with buttercream and the decorations were piped in advance using royal icing.

Cake by Tina K., Excelsior, MN

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

This cake was made for a five year old birthday. I used the Barbie doll cake bowl pan and also a 9″ round underneath as her legs were too long. This is the Ariel doll from Disney found at a local toy store. I wrapped her in foil and put her hair up for the assembly process.

I froze the cakes prior to construction for fewer crumbs in the frosting. I used two cake mixes and a ton of frosting tinted in various colors. The sand is brown frosting with ground graham cracker crumbs and ground up chocolate sprinkles. The fish bubbles were pearlized sugar candies. I also found some plastic little fish at the local baking store which really helped to make things look “realistic”.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo