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Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas

I have created this little mermaid birthday cake for my friend’s daughter sixth birthday. This is very simple to make. The mermaid itself was covered with violet and pink fondant icing. First I have covered with plain fondant icing from her waist down to her legs then brush it with marmalade and then I have used the small cutter shaped like a quarter moon and pressed it together overlapping each other from her waist down to the legs to be her scales.

The cake where the mermaid is sitting on is made of chocolate cake and I have put popcorn coated with chocolate to be look like as rocks then I surrounded it with brown sugar to look like sand. My friend’s daughter Shenaine loved it.

More Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Ideas

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Season K.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

My two year old daughter loves Ariel, so I needed a little mermaid birthday cake big enough to feed a large crowd. I took the Ariel face cake pan and altered it with
another picture to come up with the cake template. I used the face cake pan for the first cake and baked two rectangular cakes for the rest of the body. If you freeze the cakes before cutting it, it is much easier to piece together.

You place the two rectangular cakes below the face and lay the template on it and cut it out. They have special color packages for the Ariel face, so I used those and a
couple other Wiltons colors for the icing. I followed the directions for
icing the face, and for the bottom, I cut the template up and traced it on
the bottom part and used the star tip for the remainder of the cake,
creating the color accordingly. I also used the directions for the retired
Ariel cake pan of her whole body to help with the colors. You can go to the
Wilton website and do a search for those directions.,

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Liza K., Mechanicsville, VA

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

I made this Little Mermaid birthday cake for a little girl who loves the Little Mermaid. The little girl is blonde so I chose to use a blonde doll instead of the typical redheaded Ariel. I used a 10 x 10 cake pan and a Pyrex bowl to make the cakes. I used Wilton buttercream icing to ice both cakes. I covered the Pyrex bowl cake with a crumb coating of buttercream then I covered it in light brown sugar to make it look like sand.

With the buttercream icing I made the waves by merging both the white and blue icing together with the spatula. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. I created algae and sea weed along the bottom as well as fish and used actual shells for decorations. For the doll I tinted fondant and used a chocolate mold to create the shell “bikini” top. I then made fondant circles and cut them in half to create the mermaid legs. I used beads on flower wire to create the “bikini pearl string” as well as the dolls hair accessory.

This was a fun and relatively easy cake to make.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Nicole L., Westbank, Canada

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

My daughter loves Ariel so I decided to try a Little Mermaid birthday cake. I got the Barbie from a local retail store and started to throw around ideas. I finally came up with the coral which is made from white chocolate that I colored pink. I laid a piece of wax paper down and then melted the chocolate, added the coloring and then slowly piped the shape that I wanted. I put it in the fridge to harden and then slowly peeled it off the paper.

This is not an easy step as I had to try a number of times as my coral kept breaking.

Finally it worked and I cut a slit into the cake and pushed the base of the coral into the cake. I also made the shells with the same chocolate but using a Wiltons chocolate form.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Angela W., Austin, TX

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

This Little Mermaid birthday cake was made for my daughter’s third birthday. She loves mermaids so we went with a Little Mermaid theme. The base of the cake is a standard rectangle pan and the “rock” was a Pyrex bowl trimmed to fit. I removed a corner of the sheet cake to allow the rock to sit lower. I purchased a basic Barbie and used packaged fondant to create the mermaid tail base.

The icing is a basic buttercream recipe with half butter and half Crisco. Every thing I read indicated it would stand up to the heat better and in Texas during August that was very important. I got the recipe from www.baking911.com. We used gel food coloring to get the deeper tones of blue and green.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

My coworker Shannon was more experienced with using cake decorating and did most of the decorating. She opted for a star tip on the bag to simplify the process. I found Swedish fish chocolate shells and chocolate rocks to finish it off. From start to finish this only took a few hours and got rave reviews from kids and adults.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Patti R., Wexford, PA

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

This Little Mermaid birthday cake was made using ideas from another mermaid cake on this website. The head is a 9″ round pan, the hair is 12 cupcakes frosted with pink icing and coconut dyed red. (Put coconut in a baggie, add a few drops of red food color and shake to color). The body was cut from a sheet cake and the pieces were glued together with icing. (Homemade recipe using Crisco powdered sugar, evaporated milk and vanilla). I used gumdrop rings cut in half to make the scales.

The mouth and eyes were cut from red and yellow roll-ups with black licorice eye lashes. Sprinkle colored sugar all over tail for a shimmer effect. This cake was a huge hit and my six year old absolutely loved it!

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Debbie L., Perth, Australia

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

My niece wanted a Little Mermaid birthday cake for her second birthday.

When she turned one she had a mermaid on a rock so I had to reinvent my mermaid cake. So here is Ariel sitting on a friendly whale made up of three 20cm round cakes trimmed into shape. The whale tail is a heart tin pan (about 10cm long) and baked longer and until quite firm to allow easy trimming and to retain shape. The base of the heart point was then trimmed at a 45 degree so that the top of the tail would sit up in the air.

The whale and tail were then coated in butter icing and then covered in fondant icing tinted a pale blue. A wad of folded alfoil was propped under the tail to hold it up and the tail glued to the cake board using sugar water. Spout is a cake pick purchased from cake specialty store. A wooden skewer was threaded through the Velcro back section of the fabric tale and sewn lightly into place.

Whales smile and eyes were lightly marked onto the fondant using a no serrated knife and then eyes fashioned using white and black fondant with black fondant for the smile. Ariel was then skewered onto the whales back and a string of pearls was placed as a riding harness (secured into the whales smile using plastic white paperclips newly purchased for the cake).

The ocean of the Little Mermaid birthday cake is just layers of icing sugar and water tinted blue. I started with a background of pale blue and then to the icing mix added more blue building up the layers and blue colour as I went along. The ocean spray at the front of the whale and front of the tail is just metallic blue curling ribbon secured under the cake pieces prior to doing the ocean. I made final touch up with white icing and water paste for breaking waves. We had to travel one hour to the party with the cake on my lap with the tail staying in place.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Denise J., Kingwood, TX

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

This Little Mermaid birthday cake was fun to make! I used two cake mixes. Approximately 3/4 for the 10″ round spring pan and one and a quarter for the Wiltons dress pan (the pan used to form the rock). It needs to be tall enough to incorporate a standard Barbie. You can always use shorter dolls too.

I used a homemade fondant icing for the water and the rock (marshmallows, one teaspoon water and nuke it for 30-60+ seconds, then pour into bowl with sifted icing sugar and need until moldable – add food dye for color). I also purchased some trays in the shapes of shells and used different color fondant.

For the coral I rolled little tubes and stuck a paint brush end down the center so that it looked realistic. All the other items are pretty much straightforward. I added a little cake shimmer here and there.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Solange M., Rochelle, IL

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

This Little Mermaid birthday cake was made using a 14 in round for the base and a loaf pan for cutting the rocks out of. I decorated the whole cake with rolled fondant and made Ariel and Flounder a day in advance so they could harden.

I cut odd shapes out of the loaf pan and covered them with fondant and arranged them for Ariel to sit on. The shell is fondant brushed with pink shimmer dust. It was a huge hit!

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Ann H., Omaha, NE

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

My daughter requested a Little Mermaid birthday party. I got inspiration from a Little Mermaid birthday cake on this website. I used my daughter’s Little Mermaid and friend’s doll. I baked a cake in my Pampered Chef batter bowl. I found that it was not tall enough to cover the doll so I baked an 8″ round cake and put it under the batter bowl cake.

I layered them with frosting then cut the bottom cake to fit with the top cake. I added a small island for Ariel’s friend Scuttle with two cupcakes stacked on top of one another layered with frosting and cut to fit around the main cake. The “sand” is raw sugar. You can find that in the health food section of the grocery store.

I wrapped the Little Mermaid doll’s legs in plastic wrap to protect them then stuck her down inside the cake. I piped teal colored frosting in the shape of her fin. I then cut teal fondant in the shape of scales and pressed them into the frosting. I finished by adding blue frosting water, real seashells and Ariel’s friends.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Lynn M., Vandergrift, PA

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

My daughter turned four three days before my twin boys turned two so we decided to have one big party. Lacey wanted an Ariel party so I decided to incorporate Sebastian and Flounder into the theme as well. I made each child their own cake. I got some ideas for the Little Mermaid birthday cake from this site.

I used the Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl (I followed the baking instructions as if making a doll cake). I wrapped Ariel’s legs in plastic wrap and stuck her into the center of the cake up to her butt as if she were sitting on the cake. I frosted the whole cake with store bought icing and sprinkled crushed graham crackers on for sand. I cut a piece of the extra cake scraps in the shape of a tail and frosted it green. (You may need a few tooth picks to hold it in place).

I made scale shapes all over the tail from the bottom up. I made the fins of her tail out of a graham cracker that I cut triangular. I made the waves with a mixture of blue and white icing in the bag to look more like water. This turned out to be the easiest cake I’ve ever made! The only tricky part was trying to write on the cake because the crumbs made it difficult for the icing to stick.

For Flounder and Sebastian I just sketched out their picture with a toothpick then drew it on in black icing and filled it in with the star tip. To compliment the theme I made shirts for all my kids with each of their characters out of iron on transfer paper.

Little Mermaid birthday cake by Michelle C, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake Photo

Our little mermaid birthday cake was a variation of the mermaid cake as featured on familyfun.com. Basically I wanted a simple cake with a wow factor for my five year old daughter. I had made her a mermaid costume earlier and wanted her cake to look like her with minimal fuss and complication.

I didn’t want a huge cake so found a smallish round cake tin (head) and a corresponding rectangular tin (body). I incorporated arms as well. The cake was a basic vanilla cake. I covered the cake with Vienna cream and the top/tail was simply colored sugar crystals (very inexpensive). As my daughter has straight hair I bought licorice which incidentally had lines going through it (perfect for hair). The eyes were cut out bits of left over licorice and the mouth a cut up snake lolly.