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Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake With Matching Minnie Smash Cake

This darling Minnie Mouse cake was designed for a little Minnie Mouse fan, Peyton, who was celebrating her first birthday!

I’m always so honored when I’m asked to do a first birthday cake because it’s such a memorable moment for parents, grandparents, friends and family. I also always love when parents order a special mini cake (smash cake) just for the birthday boy or girl. Making mini cakes (smash cakes) can be almost as time consuming as making the larger cake, but they are just so darling.

The grandparents came to pick up the Minnie cakes and their reaction was what I was hoping for. They absolutely loved them!

Later in the evening I received a text from the mother of the birthday girl and she was beyond thrilled with how the cakes had turned out. It is always so rewarding when after spending hours making a cake you receive gratitude and praise from another happy customer. It’s the memories that are made from something as simple as cake that make us want to continue to bake and create!

Side Note: Smash cakes have become a popular 1st birthday ritual over the last few years. In fact, many professional baby photographers promote capturing that memory with their services.