Mom’s Flower Birthday Cake

I made this flower birthday cake for my mother’s birthday. She wanted a cake with flowers on it. All she asked was a cake with a couple of flowers to make it look pretty. She did not know what to expect. So I surprised her with big beautiful flowers all over the cake.

I made large rose flowers for the top in pink, orange and yellow and placed them in a circle around the top of the cake.  I piped some green leaves to add the effect of a bouquet. Then around the bottom of the cake I made small spiral flowers for the trim.

When she saw the cake, she was so very impressed. She was happy and couldn’t wait to show it off. The cake itself was a carrot cake and the frosting was cream cheese frosting.  I made the icing from scratch for the roses, leaves and flowers and used food coloring to get the pink, orange, green and yellow coloring.

Mom's Flower Birthday Cake

Mom's Flower Birthday Cake

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