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Monster High Cleolei Cake

My 8 year old daughter designed this Cleolei cake for her birthday this year.  My friend and I made the cake starting with the Wilton doll cake mold and a round cake for the bottom, then stacked the cake mold on top of the round cake and cut to make a dress shape.  We used the Wilton food coloring gel and store bought vanilla cake frosting and iced the cake.

For the “tiger stripes”, we used a Wilton sugar sheet zebra print, lightly sprayed it with Wilton orange color mist, and cut it in shapes with kitchen shears.  We arranged the stripes in different patterns, and used a Wilton disposable piping bag and tip to make the snakes and claw marks with the store bought frosting and finished off with sprinkles for the snake tongue and eyes.  My daughter and her friends loved the cake and we had fun making it.

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