Coolest Monster Truck Cake

My son was turning five and he wanted the coolest monster truck cake. Well, little does he know that mom is better at girly things and when it comes to a truck she leaves a lot out and it up to her imagination of what she thinks a truck looks like.

I sculpted this truck out of rice kripsy treats and then covered in fondant. I had to put flames on it and of course the big ol tires to make it look like a monster jam truck. I made a logo out of fondant that matched that of the Monster Jam and put my son’s name on it instead. I painted it with silver lustre dust and attached it to the front of the cake. I made two tiers and the top tier is six inches wide and 4 inches tall.

The bottom tier is eight inches wide and four inches tall. I wanted the bottom tier to be a tire so I covered it in black fondant and then cut out angled strips of fondant for the treads of the tire.  For the flames on the top tier I rolled out fondant onto a wax piece of paper and then cut out my design. Once cut I took the whole piece of wax paper and held up the fondant and attached to cake in one easy step. I painted the color on the yellow fondant with gel food coloring and blended it with vodka. I made a mud ramp out of left over cake and chocolate icing and then stuck the truck to it.

My little boy loved this cake and so did his friends. One little girl kept asking when we get to cut the cake, it looked so delicious she wanted a piece. My son was so happy, he wanted to play with the truck but instead he ate it.

I had so much fun but he said he wants transformers next year. I don’t think I am cut out for that.


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