For our son’s Cub Scout Blue and Gold Celebration there is a Father/Son Bake-Off every year. This year they decided to make the yummiest and easiest American Flag Cake together. The cake-making process has to be completed by the father’s and son’s only, without any motherly input…including the kitchen clean-up!

The cake is made from 2 boxed pound cake mixes, baked per the instructions on the box. It is frosted with homemade cream cheese icing (in between the 2 layers and completely covering the cake). As you can see, fresh blueberries amke up the Stars-portion of the flag and the strawberries make up the Stripes-portion.

You can find any cream-cheese icing recipes through Google or any search engine. You could really use Any white icing, but the cream cheese icing and pound cake makes this cake especially YUMMY!

This American Flag Cake won at our Blue and Gold Celebration for Best Tasting and Best Scout Theme!