My husband and his friends just returned back from a year long overseas deployment right before Memorial day. I felt that creating the coolest Memorial day cake, would be a good way for me to show my gratitude and appreciation for the soldiers. I am very proud of my husband and his battle buddies for the sacrifice they have made to serve our country. They are infantrymen, which is a very dangerous job in the Army.

I created a 3 tiered cake with their dog tags on top made with gray fondant and painted with edible silver dust. I made the American Flag with fondant (50 stars and 13 strips as it had to be accurate). I gently placed the flag over the layers and sealed with butter cream icing to stick to the fondant on the cake. I added the decor on top to add height and grab attention.

This cake was red white and blue on the inside with caramel and sweetened condensed milk to keep it moist. It was very delicious. By putting a picture on face book, the soldiers families were able to enjoy the Homemade Edible Monument Memorial Day Cake as well.