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My Daughter’s Enchanted 3rd Birthday Castle Cake

It was my daughter’s 3rd birthday on 1st December so I thought I’d make her a cake. She’s been obsessed with princesses for the past few months so I didn’t really have a choice. I looked at other cakes online for a few days and tried to steal the best ideas for my daughter’s enchanted 3rd birthday castle cake .

I wanted it to look good so I brought all the best ingredients and had to buy most of the equipment too. Final cost was about £100. The cake was quite big and I have an extremely clumsy wife so I made it at my mum’s house (thank you mum).

It is made of two round cakes, simple sponge recipe, the bottom was cream soda flavored sponge with vanilla butter cream and the top was lemon sponge with lemon butter cream  The top towers are made from the tubes you get in the middle of wrapping paper and iced with some iced ice cream cones on top. The bottom towers are iced Swiss rolls.

I finished it off with some edible glitter brushed all over, some cute fairies stuck on cocktail sticks and some edible diamonds. It took me about 5 days to make a few hours each day finishing it off with an all-nighter!  I did plan on putting flowers and ivy all over it but my back was hurting and I didn’t want to ruin it!

Castle Cake

Castle Cake