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700+ Coolest Castle Birthday Cake Ideas

We are enamored with our collection of castle birthday cake ideas. Forget what you know about castles, these cakes are not just for Princesses.

Go back in time and check out the medieval castles featured here. You will even find a replica of the Hogwarts castle, where Harry Potter resides. A Candyland castle looks like so much fun to recreate and we recommend making the haunted castle birthday cake for a Halloween birthday.

Of course, we have pink and purple princess castles for days. Build you own castle birthday cake using these tips and ideas. Start with a round or square shaped cake. Will you keep it one tier or more? Using everyday treats like mini marshmallows and ice cream cones, add towers, turrets and flags. Learn how to make perfectly even stairs leading up to your fortress.

The finishing touch to your castle cake is, of course, to add some bling. Make sure to check out how these decorators made their cakes shine. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!