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My Little Pony Merry-Go-Round Cake

This My Little Pony merry-go-round cake was done for a little girl’s 1st birthday. She liked the My Little Pony theme.

So I baked 2 x 9″ rainbow cakes. These were cut into layers to allow the 1 layer to be used for the merry go round top. I covered the cakes with a vanilla crumb coat  before adding the fondant. I had pre made the fondant flowers. The sections on the top were added when necessary. These were edged with silver cachous at the joins. I purchased 4 plastic My Little Pony toys so the little girl could keep these to play with. To keep the rainbow theme going I wrapped the doweling in rainbow colored ribbons. The absolute tip of the top was an individual cupcake covered the same way as the other 2 cakes.

The top cake was done on its own light weight cake board to allow transportation to its final destination. So as I am no expert, this cake is certainly achievable to the novice cake maker/decorator.

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