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Simple Homemade Ninja Turtle Cake

I made a double-layer 11×15 cake and iced it with home-made buttercream icing for this Ninja Turtle Cake. Between the layers I iced with the bright Ninja Turtle Green!

To start, I found a picture I liked from a coloring book and drew this on the cake with a toothpick. I then traced this with black icing, going over the details of the mask, knee pads, shell, knives and belt.

I then filled in the swords with gray, then the knee and elbow pads with brown. Next I used a star-tip to fill in the body with green and the chest shell with tan. Finally I filled in the mask with red, then drew over the belt with the “R” for Raphael and made the belt tassels.

I just then did a simple star border, and wrote the “Happy Birthday” message. I also wrote around the sides of the cake in large black letters, “Cowabunga, Dudes, Grayson is Five! Awesome!” That gave it a nice fun touch!

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