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Coolest Under the Sea Ocean Cake Ideas

This ocean cake was done thanks to the many tips I gathered on this web site. It was very simple. I found a picture of an octopus and traced over it with black gel icing. I then flipped the wax paper over and placed it on the frosted cake. When I lifted it off the image stayed on the cake.

I filled it in using a very small star tip. I did the same for the two shells and then free handed the “waves” and used a larger start tip to fill them in. Ground graham crackers and chocolate shells were placed around the cake. I received lots of compliments!

More Ocean Cake Ideas

Cake by Denise D., Oshawa

Under the Sea Cake Picture

This ocean cake was made using three (two cake batters) 9″ round white cakes, four Nilla cookies, chocolate candy rocks, buttercream and fluffy white icing, cake boards, white melting chocolate and graham crumbs. The first 9″ round was set off centre on the large cake board. The second was cut in half and set next to the first but not touching, then pieces were used to make the smaller smash cakes. The third was used to sit on top of cakes one and two.

All cakes were decorated in a crumb layer of butter cream icing with a batch of fluffy white icing (not too sweet) tinted blue but not mixed fully to show depth in the “water.” All cakes were frosted in an uneven way with bumps and valleys to resemble water. Nemo and Dori were constructed using two ‘Nilla’ cookies each with a lolli-pop stick in the centre holding together with buttercream icing. The fins and tails were finished using melted then hardened white chocolate covered in buttercream icing.

Each was covered in tinted buttercream using a piping bag with a hole in it which was smaller than all the tips I have. All of the coral was made using melted white chocolate in a piping bag, freehanded designs on a sheet of wax paper and set to dry. After they were hardened it was easy to set into the baked cake. All cakes were finished with an edging of chocolate candy rocks and the cake board was covered in a thin layer of buttercream to hold graham crumbs.

The final ocean cake was quite large measuring in at a whopping 18″W x 14″L x 7″H.

Cake by Krista Z., Peace River, AB

Under the Sea Cake Picture

I got the recipe for an ocean cake from the Deepak Chopra cook book. It was the blueberry orange cake (quite nutritious and delish!) with a cream cheese icing. Part of the green food coloring was spirulina. I’ve just always been intrigued by the ocean.

Cake by Karen C., Nova Scotia

Under the Sea Cake Picture

This ocean cake was for my son’s fifth birthday. My first attempt at a creative cake. I found that fruit leather and a pair of scissors were very useful in creating different sea-weeds. Group similar fish placing some behind the seaweed to give 3 dimensional effect. The candy pebbles were a great hit. Playing around with different candies really helped me get this final result.

Cake by Holly S., Bolivar, MO

Under the Sea Cake Picture

This ocean cake was made using four cake mixes. I put vanilla wafers in the food processor for the “sea floor”. The crab and octopus were made from a small custard dish to bake the cake mix. I covered it with colored fondant and then molded legs and eyes from the colored fondant.

The “tube coral” was made with cereal straws purchased from the store. The other coral was made with a meringue recipe that I piped out into coral shapes and then baked in the oven for two to three hours to allow it to harden. The coral looked great for about 20 minutes but it was so hot and humid that it wilted!

I also made shells and tiny starfish from a candy mold. The large starfish was made from a star cake pan and then carved out to create the three dimensional effect. The kids all loved this ocean cake as well as the adults. A lot of hours went into this cake due to trial and error with the coral but well worth it!

Cake by Sarah H., Brantford, Ontario

Under the Sea Cake Picture

I used a chocolate cake for the inside of this ocean cake. Then I used pre made icing form a bulk store and colored it to the colors I wanted. The fish rocks are also bought from a bulk store (I put them on one at a time). People asked me all the time if you can eat them! (They are just chocolate) The large yellow and blue fish (dolphin) were made using chocolate molds. The sharks were candies.

Cake by Kris Stewart R., Altoona, IA

Under the Sea Cake Picture

My son wanted an ocean cake so I made some creatures out of candy melts using a cookie cutter mold and covered them in fondant. The sea shells are made out of candy melts, the fish are from fondant painted with edible paint, and the sand is crushed graham crackers.

The middle is glass globe with two fish hot glued to the bottom with fishing line strung through the fins so when placed upside down it looks like fish in a fish bowl. In the photo you can see the fishing line but from a short distance you can’t. It was a great illusion that everyone loved. The cake is a white cake with buttercream frosting. It was the easiest cake to frost because it didn’t need to be smooth, it needs to be wavy.

Cake by Alicia H., Provo, UT

Under the Sea Cake Picture

I actually got the idea for this ocean from of this website! It looks very similar to others that have been done but it was so cute I couldn’t help but want to copy a little. It was for my daughter’s third birthday which was a “summer splash” party and all about fish and the ocean.

I filled the cake with a cream and strawberry filling and then frosted it with a buttercream frosting tinted dark sky blue. We used the crushed grahams for the sand, but added clear sugar crystals to make it sparkle a little. We then also added some blue crystals to the water to create some shimmer and texture there. We found the edible chocolate rocks and lots of cute gummy sea creatures at our local grocery store in the bulk candy bins.

We also used the fruit roll ups and sour candy straws for seaweed and coral. I found some great aqua shimmer ribbon I wrapped around the outside perimeter that was really cute too.

This ocean cake was such a hit and so yummy to eat. My daughter is still talking about her “fishy” cake.

Cake by Giselle C., Boston

Under the Sea Cake Picture

I am an artist and love to make all of the decorations for my children’s cakes by drawing out the images for the theme and then creating them for the cake using chocolate. This allows for the simplest cake to look very dynamic and there is no limit to what you can do. I melt all the colors after creating the dark chocolate outline with a pastry bag of melted chocolate wafers. I have made four to five cakes like this ocean cake now and they are a great hit. Each child gets to pick a chocolate to eat with their cake too!

Cake by Sezon W., Honolulu, HI

Under the Sea Cake Picture

What you will need for this ocean cake is: 2 1/2 sheet size cakes (or you can use just one but it won’t be as thick) Blue and Tan Frosting, Blue Decorating Gel, Hawaiian cake decorations (I purchased mine from babykakes.com)

Place a layer of frosting (or your favorite filling) in between each layer. Frost 1/3-1/2 tan and the rest light blue. Be sure the blue has the raised sections that give the illusion of waves. Add the blue decorators gel to the tops of the waves to add depth. Sprinkle some candy sand (also purchased on babykakes.com) to give it the texture then add all of your pieces as you wish and enjoy!

Cake by Tangi G., McAlester, OK

Under the Sea Cake Picture

I took a regular yellow cake mix and baked it in a rectangular cake pan. Once cooled turned it upside down onto a cookie sheet. I then covered the whole thing with white icing.

I took two tubs of regular icing and colored it blue with icing color used to make the ocean. Then took graham cracker crumbs and put them on the top half of cake for the beach. I decorated it with cake toppers purchased at local Cake shop. This ocean cake was for my mothers 44th birthday and she loved it.