Coolest Under The Sea Cake

I made this under the sea cake for my 4 year old daughter’s birthday. She asked for a cake with ‘everything like mermaids and fish and crabs’ on it.

I started several days before and made the decorations for the coral reef. They included chocolate coral (melted white chocolate colored and piped onto wax paper), fondant star flowers with sparkles, and royal icing starfish (star tip), sea urchins (#8 round tip), sea anemones with sparkles (‘hair’ tip), and chocolate ‘rocks’ (melted milk chocolate with Skor bits and coconut). I purchased several small sea creatures and two toy mermaids.

The cake itself is a 10″ round and 6″ round, decorated with buttercream tinted three shades of blue and swirled. Three cake mixes in total and almost 6 cups of icing. There is a little ‘beach’ on top that the mermaids are sitting on and they are surrounded by diving dolphins (one of the creatures cut in half and used twice). Green seaweed fills in the area between the coral reefs and is buttercream piped with a leaf tip.

Our daughter loves babies so I ‘hid’ 4 little plastic babies among the coral for her to find. I think that was her favorite part of the cake!

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