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Original Headphones Birthday Cake

I made this headphones birthday cake for my friend’s birthday. He is a DJ and I wanted to do something small but cool for him. I came up with this cake idea and thought it would be perfect for him. I started off by making homemade  marshmallow fondant . I tinted half black, and left the rest white. For the ear pieces I used a large circle cookie cutter or glass. After I cut my circles out, I pushed in the centers to to look like the ear pads. Then I used a tooth pick to make small line all around the outside of the circle to mimic real ones.

For the top part I just shaped the fondant to look the top strap of  the headphones and placed on cake. Once on the cake I added a little water to some silver luster dust and painted some color on the strap. I used the ear part to cover my ends. The cord was also made out of fondant. I used a small dowel to wrap fondant around to give the cord that bunching look.

I made the cake out of two 8in rounds, the cake was a carrot cake with a cream cheese and whipped cream mix. This cake was such a hit, everyone love it!