My mother in law is the best in the world and I’€™m proud to call her mum! I a€™m lucky enough to have two. She is always there for my family, listens to any of my issues to let me vent, spending time together and we have a lot in common so we are good friends too.

My husband has been a solider for the last 8 years in Royal Engineers (EOD) and we became closer still when he was often away. Unfortunately DH recently lost his job from the Army which is not only a career but our home too but we have had a lot of EXTRA support from family whilst moving home and re-settling / job searching.

With so little money to hand but lots of time and love I made this cake, it was my first time doing this ombre effect icing but I love how it lines up with the rose flavored layers inside. I made my own icing flowers, strawberry flavored butter cream and even homemade jam. It took over 10 hours in total but was worth it to show a little appreciation for this wonderful woman – Thank you MUM xxx