Pretty Purple Princess Castle Cake

I made this pretty princess castle cake for my neighbor’s little girl for her birthday.  It’s pretty simple to do, just takes a lot of patience.  I started by baking 2 sheet cakes (I just use Duncan Hines box cakes) which I then cut in half so I would have four 13×9 inch cakes.

For the bottom I stacked  three of the 13×9 inch cakes (don’t forget to icing between each layer). Then for the second tier, I cut the remaining 13×9 inch cake in half and then stacked them on top of the bottom layer.  For the top tier (optional), I baked a small round cake in the flavor of the birthday girl’s choice and that was her personal cake for her party (of course I needed to cut it and shape it a little so it would fit on top properly).

Then I just iced the cake in whatever kind/color of icing you choose!  (I use Duncan Hines).  For the towers of the castle, I used colored ice cream cones which I found at Wal-Mart and sugar cones.  Take one colored cone and turn it upside down.  Take another colored cone and put it on top (bottom to bottom) and stick together with icing.  Turn the sugar cones upside down and they fit perfectly on top of the ice cream cones!  I “glued” them together with a little icing as well.

On the top tier, I just stuck a colored cone into the cake and added the sugar cone.  Then you can get as detailed as you want!  I used marshmallows,  graham crackers for the windows and door…use pretty much whatever you want!  It was a lot of fun to make and it was a HIT at the party!

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