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Awesome Rubber Ducky Shower Cake

 My little nephew, who was not only a great surprise, was also a great miracle to our family. While my sister was pregnant she had some tests come back not so great, and was sent to a specialist the next day. We later found out she was sent there the next day because it was the last day an abortion could be performed. She refused any further testing that could harm our lil bundle of joy and we left it in God’s hands.

So as the pregnancy progressed we knew God had healed our lil boy and during a later ultrasound, they couldn’t find anything wrong, a baby they wanted to murder, was as healthy as could be. So it was an extra special occasion to celebrate his arrival. My sister had decided on a Rubber Ducky theme, and we brainstormed and came up with this idea. I think it turned out awesome! Definetly one of my fav’s.  And Jaxon is getting ready to turn 1 in a few days…God is sooo great.

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