Sewing Machine Cake

This is a cake for a woman who’s grandmother was turning 90 years old. I was in Indiana living with my mother, I had just moved there and was looking for work. You see I liked to bake and I was a medic in New York. So I thought I could get a job in  a bakery. Not as easy as I thought.

So I started making cakes for my mother’s friends and the people she worked for. One day her neighbor came over and asked if I would make a cake for her grandmother’s 90th birthday. Sure what does she like the most. Sewing, she has made all the Christening gowns for 4 generations, wedding dresses and school clothes. It is her love, her life, her passion. So I thought a sewing machine cake  would be just the thing. WOW WHAT A CHALLENGE!

This not something you just whip up. The drawings how you are going to get it to stand up and not fall . Well, I made a plate form for the top of the cake and the front plate and side arm. Praying that when I put the weight of the cake on it, it would stay. Well lots of royal icing, ricecrispies and prayer later, there it was, a perfect mess. How was I going to do this. Step out of the box. I learned that in the field of being a medic. I am so glad I did.

As you can see the final result, 96 hours of hard work a few tears and Lord knows a lot of praying. I came out with this on the day of the celebration. I still step out side of the box. Everything is edible. The needle is threaded with my home made fondant, it is all made from the heart right down to the heart shaped key on the front of the wooden base (which is all cake). I hope you enjoy.

Front plate of machine

All Edible spool of thread