Greatest Sewing Machine Cake for 90 Year Old Seamstress

This sewing machine cake was a bugger to make but with persistence and the good Lord I was able to make an awesome cake for a great grandmother.  The top horizontal portion, the vertical end and the case of the the machine are made of cake. The underneath of the head of the cake is made of ricekrispies. There is a small board underneath and one on the side for support.

The cake is covered with a crumb coat and chilled to make sure it hardens. Then I put fondant on to give it a nice smooth finish. The wheel and the needle all of the sewing items are made of fondant with Tylose powder to make it like gum paste so that it hardens. I used a lot of fondant and gum paste to make this cake but it was a lot of fun.

The recipient was very surprised. I hope you enjoy it also.