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Coolest Religious Symbol and Special Occasion Cake Ideas

This special occasion cake was made for an infants baptism. I displayed it on a Southern Living Tray turned upside down with ribbon laced through the tray’s holes.

Cake by Tiffany L., Medford, OR

Religious Symbol Special Occasion Cake Photo

This is for a Catholic first communion cake I was asked to do. I had to make a very special occasion cake for this day. I used chocolate melted and formed into a circle. The platter base is a small cake top with chocolate poured over it. The pictures describe how to put it together. I used fondant to make the cup and water and food coloring to color the leaves on the stem.

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Cake by Tracy A., Leesville, SC

Religious Symbol Special Occasion Cake Photo

I started from an 11 X 15″ sheet cake and carved a little off the “top” of the cake. I covered it in butter cream and ten white fondant. I searched the net for a special occasion cake and found a few but this one I really liked and I tried to duplicate the design on that one.

I hand drew the design on the fondant with an edible marker and painted the sections with food coloring-some shades were mixed to get the one I liked. After that dried I outlined in black butter cream and let that set in the fridge. Meanwhile I tinted white (airbrush color there)-red-flesh-and brown piping gel which I then painted into the picture of Christ only. I think it made him stand out a lot more. I added the white butter cream border to finish it off.

Cake by Ellen N., Marietta, GA

Religious Symbol Special Occasion Cake Photo

This was a special occasion cake, which was prepared for a baptism.

The tiers I cut from jelly roll pans before lying. I wrapped a wooden cross with decorator gift-wrap that matched the cake board I wrapped with the same paper. Note: I covered the cake board with clear contact paper before placing the cake onto the board., I pre-made the Hydrangea flowers individually out of royal icing and let them dry before assembling. To get the mound effect on the top, I used a half of a Styrofoam ball covered with icing. I covered the bottom of the foam with wax paper before placing on cake using toothpicks to secure.

Most of my cake’s come from my imagination or from inspiration.