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Coolest Cricket Sports Birthday Cake

My stepson is mad about cricket and after checking this website for any ideas on cricket-related cakes and finding only baseball-related ones I decided to create my own sports birthday cake.

I used his cricket bat to sketch out a template of a cricket bat shape. I then cut this shape out of a large rectangular sheet cake I had made earlier in the day from a box mix. I made the ball by pouring leftover cake batter into a round Pyrex glass bowl which inverted became the perfect ball shape. I then made a batch of chocolate icing and white icing (which I tinted red for the cricket ball) and decorated accordingly following the color scheme of the real cricket ball and bat which were my models.

My stepson and the whole family loved the cake – realize it’s not quite as professional looking as some of the others on this forum but it was great fun to do and much more satisfying than ordering a cake from a bakery.

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