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Coolest Sport Balls Birthday Cake

My son wanted a ‘Sports’ party for his 3rd birthday, and was quite adamant that he wanted ‘balls on his cake’.

I used the Wilton ball pan for the basketball and soccer ball, and the Wilton Dolly Vardon tin cut in half lengthwise and put back together for the football. The tennis ball and cricket ball were made from an old patty cake tin – the sort that you can’t put liners in as they’re round.

I used a small writing tip to pipe dots all over the basketball to create the right texture. I rolled out soft licorice and cut it into pentagons for the soccer ball. As I used butter icing, which is never completely white, I coloured the football slightly with yellow, so in contrast the soccer ball looked white.

I used writing icing tubes to do the black lines on the basketball, the writing on the football, and the markings on the tennis ball and cricket ball. I just used a basic butter cake for all of the cakes.

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