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Sports Fan Cake for an Avid 86 Year Old

This is a 8 inch cake covered in Buttercream frosting. I made this cake for my Dad who is a Avid Sports Fan. He has watched the Chicago Cubs, Bulls,Blackhawks ,and the Chicago Bears as long as I can remember, so that & the fact that he is turning 86 and still doing great were the inspiration for the cake I made him.

I made the number 86 out of fondant that I added tylose powder to so they would stiffen up for standing, In each number I added two toothpicks in the bottom of them so that they would stand up.

For the stars I made the same way, only I added cloth covered wires to them. For the sides of the cake I googled the team logo’s, took a screen shot of each one, then I got on you doodle, ” stitched” all the logo’s together.

I then printed 3 copies of it on wafer paper with editable ink. I cut my picture out on all three sheets and then attached them to the buttercream sides of the cake creating a continuous Chicago teams logo’s cake sides. This cake was really quick and easy to make. My Dad  absolutely Loved it.


Sports Fan Cake for an Avid 86 Year Old

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