Cool Homemade Sushi Cake

Coolest Sushi Cake

I made this Sushi cake for a friend that has a mutual love for sushi! The board was just two layers of 9×13 white cake with white icing in between. It was then covered with white icing tinted with brown gel. The pieces of sushi were made with mini cupcakes (rolls) and mini bar cakes … Read more

Coolest Pharaoh Cake

I made this Pharaoh cake for some graduates of a local high school. The head was made from 3 layers of strawberry 11×15 sheet cakes, layered with strawberry icing. I cut the outer shape of the headdress and then cut and sculpted the face out of the uppermost layer of cake. I then baked a … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Cake

Coolest Spongebob Cake

I made this Spongebob cake for a family friend’s 16th birthday! Spongebob was made of 2 layers of 11×15 marble sheet cakes with chocolate icing in between. The legs of his shorts were made with cupcake bottoms. I then made homemade marshmallow fondant and tinted a good sized amount with Wilton Golden Yellow. I covered Spongebob in … Read more

Coolest Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

The mother of a little boy named Ethan asked me to make a cake for her son’s 3rd birthday. She just asked for 3 items which she wanted to feature on the cake, the rest was up to me. The 3 items were these:- Thomas the tank engine, a windmill and a river. First of … Read more

Cool Rockin’ Robin Christmas Cake

This Rockin’ Robin is my favorite Christmas Cake I’ve made. I think I’ve got better as each year goes by (you should’ve seen my first 2 attempts)! Each year, my Mum bakes the fruit cakes and she gives one to me. It’s a tradition that we ice them together and I always look forward to this time. So, I just leveled off … Read more

Terrific Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

This terrific Teddy Bears Picnic cake was my daughter’s 2nd birthday cake. I’d not had much experience with cake decorating, so I was pretty pleased with the result. I was also pretty pleased with people’s reactions to it at the party! We don’t like our child having too much food coloring,  so we decided this was a … Read more

Coolest Chest of Toys Cake

Coolest Chest of Toys Cake

I wanted to make a cake for the son of my friend who was turning 2. The boy’s name is Luca and he is such a sweet boy. I went to their home to discuss the cake with his mother but she couldn’t choose one. In the meantime I noticed that Luca was playing with … Read more

Coolest Moshi Monsters Birthday Cake and Pops

A friend of mine phoned me to order a cake for her daughter’s 8th birthday. She wanted a Moshi Monsters theme but whilst her daughter wanted cake pops, her mother wanted a cake so they were arguing a bit. She left it in my hands to do whatever I thought it was best. I thought … Read more

Coolest Mountain Birthday Cake

A friend of mine is going to face an extremely tough challenge in September 2013. She is going to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain in order to raise funds for charity. It’s a really noble cause so I wanted to make her a special cake for her 30th birthday. I baked 5 round cakes and all … Read more

Cool Homemade 2 Tier Christening Cake for my Grandson

I was so excited when my daughter in law asked me to make a Christening cake for my grandson’s christening. She sent me a picture of how she wanted it to look so the next day I started to make the models for the top of the cake. I made an elephant,  3 small blocks in … Read more

Cute Worm Bug Party Cake

My daughter just turned 6. We can barely believe it, the years have gone so fast, yet they also seem to have been a loooong 6 yrs – lol. She asked for a “Worm Party”. Given that this is probably the last year we’ll get away with something non- pink-sparklie-girlie, I took the ball and … Read more

Coolest Basque Cake for my Husband’s Birthday

My husband’s birthday was the 1st January. He was 51. I love making cakes and really wanted to make something different. I thought a basque cake, not something too sexy but pretty. I started by baking a cake 9″ x 13″ but I only baked one half as he only wanted a small cake so … Read more