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Spring Easter Themed Cake

My 9-year-old daughter wanted a Spring themed cake. I had NO idea what to make her, so I just went with it…haha.

I started with two 10-inch cakes, I put a cookies and cream butter cream filling in the center of both, gave them a crumb coat with thinned out icing.  I then made marshmallow fondant and set it aside.

When the crumb coat hardened, I iced the cake white. I then rolled out the white fondant, cut it into rectangles, the length being the same as the height of the cake (Don’t worry about making them too long. You can always snip any excess off.)

I took out my handy fondant tools and make markings on the fondant. I applied the strips to the cake. I then painted the “wood” with a mixture of brown gel color, pure vanilla and a bit of gold dust. I highlighted the markings with a less watery mixture then.

I then added the peeps to the top and coated it with  “grass” (green butter cream and the grass tip). I also did a grass border.

I colored some fondant both pink and green, rolled out the pink and used flower cutters to make the flowers. I then rolled out the green and cut the leaves. The cutters were very cheap at our local craft store…HL.

I added the leaves and flowers to the cake.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s fun to make!

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