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Awesome Star Wars Theme Cake for a 6th Birthday Party

Star Wars Theme Cake Inspiration

I decided to create a Star Wars themed birthday cake for my sons 6th birthday. He really likes the movies and I’ve always wanted to do a Star Wars theme cake.

So, I found a few pictures online and combined a few I liked.

Yoda/Chewbucca/Darth Vadar Mashup

The cakes themselves were vanilla for yoda but I coloured it green which was a big hit for the kids. I baked it in a half ball cake pan. Chewbucca was a very nice chocolate 2 x 6 in pans. Darth Vadar was red velvet 2 x 6 in pans.

I used vanilla butter cream to frost between all the layers.

The main part of Darth Vader was covered in black fondant. I inserted a straw into the middle for stability. I did this before putting the cardboard cake board on top for the next layer.

Chewbucca came next. The hair was the most fun part but hurt after a while. I used an extruder but it was a plastic play doh kit one plastic. It was brilliant to use! I was very happy with the result, and again inserted straws for stability. Then on top of that, I place the next cake board.

Yoda topped it off with green fondant. In order to create a place for the ears, I had done some indents on top of the cake and icing. His ears had been drying since the day before I started Darth. I used thick wire in an ear shape then added a sausage of fondant on the wire. I cut two ear shaped bits and stuck the wire in between and folded the edges over till I was happy. Then, I attached them with water, the wire and a toothpick.

The Force Was With Us

I had a great time creating this Star Wars theme cake and the birthday boy and his friends loved it too!


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