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Strawberry Shortcake Cake Made with Wilton Cake Pan

I used a retired Wilton Strawberry Shortcake cake pan I bought on Ebay. I did not make this for a special occasion,  just wanted to try out the cake pan. It was one of the more detailed cakes I have done, but it came close to what the picture looked like.

For a change, I used a strawberry cake mix and make a standard butter cream icing I use for most of my cakes.  I used one of the smaller round tips to do the outlining and used the icing color Copper (a very small amount) for the color of the skin. The rest I colored as close to the color on the picture as possible. I used a slighter larger star tip for her hat that I used on her skin color.

For the straight lines on her hat and shirt, I used a larger round tip. For the hair, I used a 16 star tip. It turned out pretty good and was tasty too!  Enjoy!

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