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Coolest Pug Birthday Cake

This Pug birthday cake was made to look like the birthday girl’s pet pug. It was also a mustache party, which is why there is one on the pug! I baked two 11″x15″ cakes and layered them with white butter cream icing. I smooth iced the top 2/3 of the cake with butter cream icing tinted sky blue, and the bottom 1/3 was given a crumb coat with butter cream icing tinted leaf green.

I drew the outlines of the pug in black and filled in all the black areas. I filled in the rest with butter cream icing tinted tan by using just a tiny bit of brown gel. The eyes and mustache were tinted darker with brown. I piped the clouds with white butter cream using tip #12. I piped the grass using tip #233. I tinted some butter cream with violet (some dark, some light) for the flowers and wording.

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