Coolest Army Tank Cake

Coolest Army Tank Cake

The inspiration for this army tank cake began when my youngest grandson, Wyatt, asked for an ‘army guy cake’ for his birthday. The wheels started turning in my brain. OK, how can I made a cool Army Guy cake? I looked to Coolest Birthday Cakes for ideas, and saw a frosted tank. That gave me … Read more

Coolest U.S. Air Force F-35 Cake

Coolest U.S. Air Force F-35 Cake

I have been decorating cakes for several years, usually for family and friends. A friend asked if I could make a U.S. Air Force F-35 cake for a welcome home party she was having for her son who was home on leave from the U.S. Air Force. He is training to maintain and repair F-35 fight … Read more

Coolest Army Tank 8th Birthday Cake

Coolest Army Tank 8th Birthday Cake

My son wanted an army themed 8th birthday cake. For the base of the cake I used a 13×11 pan. I baked 2 of those and layered them for height, using vanilla. For the tank and hill I used Devil’s food cake, a baseball cake pan, an 8 inch square pan and a 9 inch … Read more

Coolest Aircraft Cake With Army Men

Coolest Aircraft Cake With Army Men

This aircraft cake was created for a group of men and women who worked with the military. A cake of an aircraft was specifically requested.  I already knew this cake was going to be a challenge for me but was up to it and excited to do it. I always enjoy trying new things, that’€™s how I … Read more

Coolest T 90 Tank Cake

Coolest  T 90 Tank Cake

Tanks are very important in our life!! How? I am an army officer’s wife, that too in armored!! so, life surely revolves in and around tank. Moved to a new place, and my friend requested for a tank cake for her son! Can’ts say no too, but absolutely no idea where will I get my … Read more

Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

I love to make my kids’ cakes and see how their eyes light up when they see the finished product. I generally gather several ideas from others that I’ve seen and shoot for simplicity and easy execution. I went for a tank birthday cake. Working up from the bottom, we layered a cereal box covered … Read more

Cool Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake

Coolest Army Tank Birthday Cake

I got a request for a birthday cake shaped like an army tank.  At first I wasn’t sure what type of tank I wanted to make, so I searched online to get an idea. The bottom part is a 2 layer 1/4 sheet and I used an 8″ square pan for the top part, which … Read more

Coolest Hello Kitty Tanker Cake Idea

Homemade Hello Kitty Tanker Idea

The Hello Kitty Tanker Idea came about when my boss asked me to make a cake for his wife. I asked, what does your wife like? Any ideas? Colors, shapes, characters, flavors? To my dismay, he didn’t have a clue, his wife of 20 years! So, I asked around, found out that she likes Hello … Read more

Coolest Aircraft Carrier and Plane Cake

Homemade Aircraft Carrier and Plane Cake

This Aircraft Carrier and Plane Cake was made for a friend as he was born on the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. The plane was made from fondant icing and royal icing. The cake was sponge, white and chocolate. The boat was sponge sinking into main cake. The size was a 14 ” base. It … Read more

Coollest Jet Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Jet Birthday Cake Design

I used one 13X18 sheet cake but you could use two 9X13 and set them side by side for this Homemade Jet Birthday Cake Design. The icing was colored with McCormick’s Black Food Coloring (found in the spices area at the store.) Remember it is a liquid color is it will thin the icing some. … Read more

Coolest Red Arrows Cake

Homemade Red Arrows Cake

My son is a huge Red Arrows fan, they are the British aerobatic jet plane display team. He wanted a Red Arrows cake, so I decided to make him a cake with the Red Arrows in formation. Usually there are 9 planes in a full formation, but since he was turning 6, I made only … Read more

Coolest Aircraft Carrier Birthday Cake

Homemade Aircraft Carrier Birthday Cake

I made this aircraft carrier birthday cake for my son’s 11th birthday. I used one cake mix and cut the cake to match a toy aircraft carrier of my son’s. I used hospital icing colored with black to make the grey color. He loved it!