Coolest Two Tier Batman Cake

Coolest Two Tier Batman Cake

I made this two tier Batman cake for my son’s best friend’s birthday. The idea is the bat signal is shining above Gothom city. First I made two 8″ round cakes and two 6″round cakes. I used basic butter cream frosting to cover the the two tiers. I frosted the 6″ tier with yellow butter … Read more

Cool Homemade Superman Birthday Cake

Coolest Superman Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a Superman birthday cake for a friend’s 30th birthday. As it was a special day I decided to mold the Superman in fondant and then sit him onto a motorized globe! I purchased a low cost solar powered turntable but modified it for battery, only then mounted this all into … Read more

Awesome 3 Tier Batman Cake

Awesome 3 Tier Batman Cake

I made this awesome 3 tier Batman cake for the son of a friend. She asked if I could make a Batman cake and she wanted it to be super special since Batman is his FAVORITE! I was beyond nervous because I had never made a tier cake before. I watched about a million videos online … Read more

Cool Homemade Lego Batman Cake

Coolest Lego Batman Cake

A week in advance, I sculpted the figures and trash cans from gum paste so they would have time to dry. The details of Joker and Batman were hand painted. Each building was made from six 8″ square cakes. One was strawberry, the other white. For each building, I first leveled and stacked 3 cakes, placed plastic … Read more

Coolest Franky Frankenstein Cake

Coolest Franky Frankenstein Cake

I introduced Franky Frankenstein to a party we went to last year for Halloween. We live in NYC and instead of going trick or treating on the streets, the kids all get together and go in one huge building near school. A friend who lives in the building had a party, so the kids had … Read more

Coolest Lego Batman Cake for a 5-Year-Old

Coolest Lego Batman Cake for a 5-Year-Old

I just made 4 cake rounds, 2 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix. I chose chocolate and rainbow chip. Two cakes each covered in fondant. I buy the Wilton White tubs (2) and make my own colors. I did my sons favorite color purple as the background and base. Frost the cake individually with frosting … Read more

Coolest Super Dad Cake

Homemade Super Dad Cake

Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated every first Sunday of September. For this year, I made a Super Dad Cake out of a carrot cake with a “super dad” theme for my husband. It’s a carrot cake, covered with fondant with a very simple design and very easy to do and it’s 100% edible!

Cool Batman Birthday Cake

Cool Batman Birthday Cake Photos

I rented a batman cake pan from a local store. The icing I made using Wilton’s buttercream icing recipe. I tinted it using Wilton’s pastes. This Batman birthday cake took me five hours to decorate. I followed the instructions on the cake pan which is also available on Wilton’s website. This is my sixth birthday … Read more

Coolest Homemade Frankenstein Cake Ideas

Coolest Frankenstein Cake Ideas and Photos

This was a cake I made for a Halloween last year! I drew up outlines for both Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein and used that as templates for the shape of the cake. Then I found some pictures and used those to help me ice them. With Frankenstein, I wanted to make his outfit … Read more