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Coolest Lego Batman Cake for a 5-Year-Old

I just made 4 cake rounds, 2 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix. I chose chocolate and rainbow chip. Two cakes each covered in fondant. I buy the Wilton White tubs (2) and make my own colors. I did my sons favorite color purple as the background and base.

Frost the cake individually with frosting (Betty Crocker from Safeway). Once you stack them on each other I cut a plastic drinking straw to the height of the cake and shoved down the middle to hold them in place. Now it’s safe and secure.  Now decorate! Roll out the fondant like clay with a rolling pin. Use flour to keep from sticking to cutting board. Cookie cutters for my stars and son’s name, exacto knife/scissors for the buildings and windows. He even helped me roll the little balls that we used to go around the middle of the cake.

Last but not least, my Lego Batman took like an hour. A body base, 2 sausage legs, 2 black shoes, 2 arms, gloves, a belt (put this on before the arms, I learned this the hard way…) . The head is just a square, use your finger to push down and make the Batman mask ears. I ended up removing the eyes in this picture and using a toothpick to push in slanted eyes like a mask~ but don’t have a picture of it. This was by far one of my best! Everybody couldn’t believe I made it myself!

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