I made this awesome 3 tier Batman cake for the son of a friend. She asked if I could make a Batman cake and she wanted it to be super special since Batman is his FAVORITE! I was beyond nervous because I had never made a tier cake before. I watched about a million videos online on how to stack a cake and nervously went for it. 

I made a vanilla sour cream pound cake, with homemade butter cream icing. I baked all the cake layers the day before and froze them. I find it a little easier to cut and shape my cakes when they are par-frozen. But with this cake all I had to do was even out the layers. I base iced each layer with gray icing before stacking. I placed 4 dowels cut to the same height as the cake in the bottom and middle layer of cake. After they were all stacked I hammered a dowel though the entire cake and into the board (I made it by hot gluing 4 layers of cardboard together and covering with floral paper and clear contact paper and black ribbon to trim).

All the accents are made out of modeling chocolate. To make the black modeling chocolate I just added black gel color to dark chocolate modeling chocolate. And yellow gel to white chocolate. I love modeling chocolate because it works the same as fondant, but it tastes WAY better!

So after 2 days of decorating this cake and a huge ball of nerves in my stomach, I took the cake to my friend. She absolutely LOVED it! She even squealed! It made my day. Her son was ecstatic and I was beyond relieved! Not too shabby for a first go around.