Cool Homemade Lion Picture and 3D Cakes

Coolest Lion Picture Cakes and Lion Cake Ideas

I got the idea from this website for a lion picture and made a few changes. I used a 16″ cake for the base and a 10″ cake for the lion’s face. I just cut out wedges for the mane and then I looked at a picture from “The Lion King” and copied the face. … Read more

Awesome Lion’s Head Birthday Cake

Awesome Lion's Head Birthday Cake

Omg how do I start lol. Well I was called at 11:00pm on Saturday to make a last minute cake of a edible lions head on top of a white almond flavor cake, which they wanted the cake for 12pm Sunday. So I went to bed dreaming of how can I make this lion happen … Read more

Coolest Lion Cake

Coolest Lion Cake

My daughter loves lions, so for her third birthday in February I decided to surprise her with a lion cake. I was really nervous about making this cake and it ended up being one of my favorite cakes I have ever made. My daughters and all of our party guests were in awe of this … Read more

Coolest Leo the Lion Birthday Cake

Coolest Leo the Lion Birthday Cake

My aunt called me with this idea of having a lion cake for her birthday and if I would be willing to give it a try. Well I started with 1-1/2 sheet, 1-8’double round and a cupcake. I put the round in the middle and cut out the center of the 1/2 sheet (backwards I … Read more

Cool Lion Cupcake Cake for a Roaring Leo

Cool Lion Cupcake Birthday Cake for a Roaring Leo

This lion cupcake was a very easy cake to make!  I baked 2 dozen cupcakes and smushed as many as I could on a platter side-by-side in a circle pattern. I put a generous layer of frosting across all the tops (I did not lift up in between cupcakes).  After letting the frosting harden in … Read more

My First Cake Ever for my First Baby’s First Birthday!

My First Cake Ever for my First Baby's First Birthday!

This is the first cake, and first birthday cake I ever attempted!! Baking wasn’t, and still isn’t, my favourite pastime but it was my first baby’s first birthday and I wanted to look back and say I’d made it all by myself from scratch. I am very proud of it and it took me days … Read more

Coolest Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Birthday Cake

Coolest Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Birthday Cake

This cake is for our granddaughter who is 2, she loves Raa Raa the noisy lion, so this is what I decided to make for her. I started by making the model lion so this had time to harden. First I made a cone shape in a mustard color. I then attached some white roll out icing … Read more

Cool Homemade Alex the Lion Cake from Madagascar

Coolest Alex the Lion Madagascar Animal Birthday Cake Photos and How-to Tips

My niece said she wanted either Alex or Marty on her Madagascar animal cake. She didn’t want chocolate, and because it takes entirely too much color to make black icing from white, we went with Alex., I turned on the DVD Madagascar and watched it until I found a pose that I thought I could … Read more