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Awesome Lion’s Head Birthday Cake

Omg how do I start lol. Well I was called at 11:00pm on Saturday to make a last minute cake of a edible lions head on top of a white almond flavor cake, which they wanted the cake for 12pm Sunday. So I went to bed dreaming of how can I make this lion happen and my cousin comes out happy.

So now its Sunday 7am I got up went to the store with a major headache not knowing if my time will be waisted or not smh. Made it back to the house started prepping everything, I first started off by making rice krispy treat I then mold that into a ball and smashed it a little to make the lion face background dont really no how to describe it cause I had a headache dealing with it and 5 kids an a 10mon old whinning baby lol. So after doing that and icing it I placed it in the fridge. Next I baked my 8″ double layer cakes. Let them cool then took my rice krispy out until it was time to work on my cake again. So with the treats i took out the fridge I then put white fondant on it, then I made a big ball of white fondant for the noise and mouth part and I shaped it to have that lions look then i added some brown food gel and vodka into a paint dish, and also some yellow gel and vodka, next I outlined the eyes, mouth and noise with some black food gel and a paint brush, then from there I painting the lion face with brown and yellow but I kinda messed up because I forgot about the yellow thats why hes kind of a dark color. But before that I left this step out I chopped up some white fondant and I glued it around the head with water. Then I painted the entire head swithching from brown to yellow then I put it back into the fridge while I went and cut my cakes and added buttercream filling and iced it buttercream chilled it then but red, yellow, and green fondant on it and made the little balls by hand for the border.Once finished I delivered the cake and I was hurt cause I didn’t like it thought I coulldve done better if I had more time. So my cousin saw the cake and he started smiling and hugged me and was like my girl gonna love this , then my mom and his sister started snapping pictures and put it on facebook and was like girl you have over 70 likes already you did that. Then when he dropped the cake off to his destination he called and said I got a sloppy kiss for the cake she loves it. So at the end of the day I was happy that her cake was a blessing and not a disaster and my headache is over….

Awesome Lion's Head Birthday Cake

Awesome Lion's Head Birthday Cake

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