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Cool Homemade Lion Picture and 3D Cakes

I got the idea from this website for a lion picture and made a few changes. I used a 16″ cake for the base and a 10″ cake for the lion’s face. I just cut out wedges for the mane and then I looked at a picture from “The Lion King” and copied the face. For the ears I used pieces of cake that I had cut off and used toothpicks to secure them.

More Lion Picture and 3D Cakes

Lion cake by Lena G., Newton, MA

Lion Picture Cake

For my son’s second birthday we did an animal theme. For the cake I copied a lion picture and made a lion cake. I baked two very large rectangular sheet cakes and cut them into six main pieces. I made a large rectangle for the body and a smaller one that I put on top so that his back was sloped. I cut out four pieces that looked almost like boots for the legs and attached them with chopsticks. Then I put a small square piece in between the front legs and balanced another piece on top that I cut to look like the face. I secured the face with more chopsticks.

I did the main body in an orange/yellow colored icing and the mane in a brown icing. I just kept on piling icing on the mane until it was as big as I wanted. I did the eyes and claws in black and a little white. And for the tail I just kept putting on icing until the tail looked raised. I think all in all I made like 12 batches of icing (a lot of icing for the mane!) It was a huge hit.

Lion cake by Sophie L., Petersfield, Hants, UK

Lion Picture Cake

I used a 1lb tin. I covered it in butter icing then light brown icing for the head. I rolled up dark brown cones for the mane and stuck them on. I actually copied this from a lion picture that I saw in a magazine.

Lion cake by Kimberly F., Surprise, AZ

Lion Picture Cake

I found this Wilton lion cake pan that came with a lion picture and thought I might be able to turn it into Goliath. I bought the cake mix and Chocolate Fudge Icing, Milk Chocolate Icing and White that I colored brown with the Wilton gel colors. I also colored some white icing red for the nose. I drew on the instruction sheet that comes with the pan so I had an idea of what I was going to do before I actually started working.

Once the cake was ready to decorate it wasn’t that bad, I just copied the lion picture. I have a non-steady hand so I didn’t want to attempt all those stars! I just piped out the outline for the face and the nose then filled it in with the coordinating icing and a knife or spreader.

I filled in all the indents on the head with icing although if I had extra little pieces of cake to shove in there I probably could have gotten a little more height to Goliath’s mane. Next time I would probably make two shades of the brown icing for more of a color difference rather than trying to use two different chocolate ones.

Lion cake by Bel Y., Wellington, New Zealand

Lion Picture Cake

I made this for my daughter’s 1st Birthday! I got the inspiration for this cake from a few different sources- mainly just looking on the internet for a lion picture.

I made two separate round cakes- one in a tin with a 24cm diameter, the other with an 18cm diameter. I drew the face template myself and cut this shape from the smaller of the two cakes. I then cut this face shape in half to make it half the original height (so it didn’t stand out too far from the ‘mane’) The ears were simply half circles cut from the top section of the cake after I leveled it.

I iced the whole base in chocolate frosting, the whole face and ears in yellow and positioned the pieces. Then the detailed work of the star piping! I did the face and ears first and then the mane. Licorice whiskers!

This is how I made the frosting- (I needed three quantities of the following for the chocolate mane- and one for the yellow face) 125g room temp unsalted butter, 1 1/2 cup icing sugar, 2tbs milk, 1/3 cup cocoa (omit for yellow frosting obviously!) Beat butter- add half the icing sugar (and cocoa if used) and the milk. Beat again then add remaining icing sugar. All whizzed in the food processor!

Lion cake by Lucy P., Mersyside

Lion Picture Cake

I made a birthday cake for my little girl’s 2nd birthday. We were going for a jungle theme plus she loves lions.

I decided to put a lion on the top which I copied from a lion picture. It’s about my fourth or fifth attempt at decorating a cake like this. I thought I did a good job.

Lion Picture Cake

Lion cake by Sheila Q., Los Angeles, CA

Lion Picture Cake

We bought a plain white sheet cake at Costco and then we baked a basic animal head cake using a pan from Michaels. We built up a wall of frosting around the lion’s head so it looked like it was a thick main and not a flat one on the sheet cake. The main was just piped on in layers, looking like the copy of the lion picture we used.

Lion picture cake by Jane G., Austin, TX

Lion Picture Cake

After frosting, I used caramel corn to make the mane. I made a cupcake and sliced it flat to make the nose. My mom drew the face with black frosting in a tube using a lion picture as reference. She then cut up licorice sticks for the whiskers.

Lion picture cake by Holly F., Frederick, MD

Lion Picture Cake

This lion cake was for my son’s 1st birthday. I copied it from a lion picture I found. I started with a pretty good-sized round pan. Then I cut out wedges to create the lion’s mane. For the face I used a regular-sized round cake pan.

Once the cake cooled I cut a pear shape for the face and “glued” it on top with icing. I used Wilton’s recipe for butter cream frosting and iced the entire cake. Then I went back and added details using a piping bag with star tip. I pulled the stars out to make it look more like a lion’s mane. The eyes, nose, mouth and ears were piped using a simple round tip. This was my first attempt at making a “decorative” cake.

Lion picture cake by Kristy R., Washington, MO

Lion Picture Cake

For my son Mason’s first birthday I wanted a Baby Einstein theme but I couldn’t find a cake I wanted. Of course there are no actual Baby Einstein character cake pans out there so I decided to get creative with the new Friendly Lion cake pan by Wilton. A trick I use for a very moist tasty cake is to add a little extra oil to the boxed mix and cook at a lower temperature for a longer time.

After baking the cake in the lion cake pan I looked at a picture of the Baby Einstein lion to decorate the cake using chocolate decorator icing. I tinted some of the chocolate icing with white to make the body of the lion slightly lighter than the brown mane. I also used tinted white decorator icing for the color in the mane and other colors. The cake was perfect for the party and my son was a very happy and very messy one-year-old!

Lion picture cake by Donna B., Santa Maria, CA

Lion Picture Cake

My son had a Narnia party so I created an Aslan cake for him. This cake is just a double layer round cake. I colored frosting a light orange (peach) color and frosted the whole cake. I darkened the orange color up and used a large decorating tip that has several holes on the end to make the hair. The ears are mini frosted cupcakes. The whiskers are toothpicks stuck in little lumps of frosting I formed.

Lion picture cake by Tracie A., Australia, QLD

Lion Picture Cake

I decorated this cake with mock cream I made from icing sugar, and coloured it with food colouring. A friend drew the outline of the lion from a lion picture. I used grease paper, cut out the shape, placed it over the cake, and cut around the edges. After that I covered it with icing.

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