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Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake

My name is Mae Pope and I made this monkey birthday cake for my niece. I started baking birthday cakes about two years ago. I enjoy baking and seeing the faces of children and adults when I present them their cake. The cake I’m submitting is one of my favorites that I have made.

The reason behind making this monkey cake for my niece is that her nickname is Monkey. Her parents thought it would be the perfect theme for her cake.

Monkey Birthday Cake Directions

  • I started by baking the cake, and the cake turned out wonderful. It was chocolate because that is her favorite flavor.
  • Making the buttercream icing was no problem. It turned out perfect.
  • I made up a batch of marshmallow fondant and started sculpting the monkeys. I couldn’t get the faces to look like a monkeys though. Instead they were turning out to look more like aliens. I knew I had to get the monkey right and two hours later I finally managed to create what looked like a monkey.

I don’t know who was more happy with the cake, my niece or her parents. They took pictures of the cake and showed them to everyone they came across. Yes, I was very proud of myself and the monkey cake I created.

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