The Incredibles Cake

My daughter wanted and Incredibles themed birthday. I thought the red was a little much, but she loved the Incredibles cake and could not figure out how I got the logo on the cake.

I made a white box cake mix in a 9 X 13 pan. I used buttercream icing and iced the cake in red. I put the cake in the refrigerator to harden. Then I drew the Incredibles logo on a piece of paper the size I wanted. I traced the logo with a toothpick on the top of the cake. I filled in the logo using a star tip with the appropriate colors. I then added the border in the same colors as the logo. Last, I did the writing.

My daughter decorated cupcakes to match the cake with the “I” on them as well. The party guests enjoyed seeing my daughter’s decorating skills.

The cake was relatively easy to make. I baked and iced it in red on the day before the party and then decorated it on the day of the party.

The most important thing was that my daughter loved it.

2 thoughts on “The Incredibles Cake”

  1. How did you get that true red color frosting?

    I’ve used the “no taste” Wilton red before – but it still turns out dark pink. I’m going to make a “Dash” cake for my son this Friday – so if you have any tips on how you made your red – let me know.


    Cool Incredibles Cake!

  2. I used a lot Wilton’s red gel for the color. It depends on how much icing you are trying to tint, so I can’t really say how much to use. I think I used 3/4 of a little jar for one batch of buttercream. Make the icing the day before. The icing will look pink, but by the second day it will darken and turn red. The longer it sits, the darker it gets. Good luck!


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