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Coolest Homemade Incredibles Birthday Cake

Here’s a homemade Incredibles birthday cake I made for my 5-year old son. He announced that he wanted an Incredibles birthday party, I searched high and low for Incredibles party supplies. They were hard to come by. I soon realized that the cake was going to have to be the focal point to tie the theme into the party. My son had some big ideas about what an Incredibles birthday cake would look like. I wanted to live up to expectations. I had lots of ideas about a tiered cake with each tier representing a different scene from the movie. But, when it came down it to, what he really wanted was an Omnidroid and an erupting volcano.

So I decided to create the island jungle scene from the movies (taking some artistic liberties that my son was quick to point out, for example, he told me I made Omnidroid #10 who belongs in the city not in the jungle…oops Mom didn’t know the Omnidroids had different numbers or looks!)

I did a crumb coat in 3 colors to represent the jungle, beach and water. The base of the jungle was a bright green butter cream.  I then placed the unfrosted volcano on top and around the volcano. I piped green grass and jungle vines. On the beach portion of the cake I mixed brown and yellow food dye to get a nice sand color. I sprinkled brown sugar on top for sandy texture. I used a light blue for the base of the water and then applied strips of wave-y fondant. On the edge of the cake I set the waves to stand up. I placed Frozone, one of the Incredible’s characters, in the surf.

Making the Volcano

To make the volcano on the Incredibles birthday cake, I used the “dress” mold cake pan. I did a quick coat of chocolate butter cream (made darker with a little black and a little brown food color) and then my son sprinkled crushed Oreos on top. I melted red chocolate with a little milk and a little orange food color to get a great lava color and consistency and slowly poured from the top of the volcano and let it ooze down the sides.

For the all important I made a giant “cake pop” smushing pieces of extra cake (leftover from leveling) with frosting into a ball a little smaller than my fist. I mixed brown and black food dye with white fondant and covered the Omnidroid completely. Then to make his legs I rolled long pieces of fondant and made slight marks with a knife to mimic the serrated look of his limbs. I set his body on the “beach” and then attached his legs with a little chocolate butter cream frosting.

The last step on the Incredibles birthday cake was too add the rest of the action figures to the cake. I think the final cake was pretty cool. More importantly the birthday boy thought it was “wonderful” and “amazing” and wants another just like it next year!

Incredibles Birthday Cake

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