Tinkerbell Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s 6th Birthday. I baked the mushroom cap in a pyrex 2 quart bowl about 3 cups of cake mix and baked for about 45 min. (I think) I just kept checking. I also baked cake mix in the icecream cones. I filled them with 1/4 cup cake mix and baked them about 18 – 20 min.

I found the Tinkerbell candle/cake topper at our local craft store. I used a star tip and did the white icing first for the mushroom circles and then filled around with red for the rest of the mushroom. I then sprinkled red glittery sprinkles from Wilson Sonoma on the mushroom. For the stem of the mushroom the very bottom cone was one that had cake baked in it (for stability).

I cut the excess off to make it flat then stacked 2 empty cones on top. I cut a small piece out of the bottom of the “mushroom cap” and placed the cake on top of the “stem”. I put that together right before we sang because I wasn’t sure how long it would stay. I would put a bit of icing in the hole or on the cone base to make it “stick”.

For the cone cakes I was going to make them smaller mushrooms but ran out of time so I just frosted them with chocolate icing and used ball type sprinkles also from Wilson Sonoma and made flower designs on them. I called them Tinkerbell’s meadow.

My daughter loved it!

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  1. For my daughters first birthday I wanted to make her, her very own cake. I ended up making a large Tinkerbell cake and then a little mushroom for her’s. I used an upside down cupcake for the base, which made it really sturdy but short. Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!


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