Coolest Tinkerbell Mushroom Cake

I was inspired by cake photos from other creative people on this site – thanks to all of you and to the site creators for an excellent ‘grass roots’ effort.

For this homemade Tinkerbell mushroom cake I used fondant for the covering – I bought it already in a ball from Michael’s crafts and hand kneaded in gel food colouring to get the special ‘Tink’ green and purple. The Tinkerbell doll came from the Disney store set where you get all 6 fairies on stands for $12.50 (my daughter, the birthday girl, got the set for her birthday present).

The butterfly, ladybug and flower were all done by mixing colours into small amounts of the fondant. The mushrooms are meringue stuck together with melted dark chocolate. Glue them to the cake and stand with frosting.

The secret to the mushrooms is to sprinkle them with cocoa powder (through a tea ball or other fine sieve) and then BLOW the cocoa powder on the mushrooms and around the pan to get the realistic mushroom colouring. They are so real looking some people can’t tell the difference even close up. Do the cocoa powder and blowing before putting them in the oven. The great meringue mushroom recipe is from Alice Medrich’s book Cocolat, which I highly recommend if you can find it.

Good luck to all you Tinkerbell cake makers – I know you’ll have great success!

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