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Coolest Diaper Cake in the World!

My name is Salima Smith, I own Cutie Patootie Diaper Cakes, and I have made the coolest diaper cake in the world (at least it’s the coolest in the world to me)! This is the Cool Ryder Diaper Cake. The “ingredients include 136 Diapers, 4 Soft Flannel Receiving Blankets, 1 Sippy Cup, 1 Bib, 1 Johnson & Johnson’s To Go Pack, 1 Teddy Bear, 1 Pair of Baby Socks.  Additionally, the diaper cake base was created to be repurposed as table or wall art.

A co-worker wanted to purchase a diaper cake for a friend back home. Unfortunately, mom-to-be had complications during the pregnancy and the baby arrived a couple of months early.  Mom-to-be was sad, worried, and afraid as this was her first baby and she felt like she didn’t know what to do.  After hearing this story, I knew this diaper cake had to be epic.  Mom needed something that would make her smile.  Baby showed up earlier than everyone expected, and they weren’t finished preparing for her arrival. Overall, the diaper cake needed to be something that represented this new baby girl.

I have siblings that were premies and man oh man, these premies became the most fearless toddlers I had ever seen. My sister in particular, born 3 mons early, tiniest thing you’d ever seen (1lb, 13oz). Before she was two years old, we had to hide bikes because she would always climb on them, determined to ride.  By the time she was 5, still the tiniest kid, she was riding our brother’s bike with no training wheels – and when she would fall off, she would get back on and ride faster! Today, she’s a lifestyle designer and blogger, she’s also the proud mom of 6 year old twin girls. When I watch her as she conducts her business, or as she’s in Mommy mode, all I can think of is how she’s always been determined to succeed.

Hearing about the early arrival of Baby Avalyn, drew me to that memory.  Thus, Cool Ryder was born. Avalyn is about a year old now, and I’m positive that she is showing those signs of unwavering determination as well as being the most adorable toddler.

For the diaper cake base, I glued 2 large pieces of styrofoam, then covered them with polka dot fabric.  Then I covered a piece of cardboard (I cut it from a box) with pink gift wrapping paper.

For the diaper cake platform I rolled size 2 diapers and secured them with small rubber bands. I began to form them into a large layered circle. The most inner layer contains 6 diapers, I kept building around that, I stopped at 96 diapers.  I used 2 receiving blankets to cover the platform.

Then I fan rolled 3 sets of diapers (size 2), 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 15 to create the wheels. I weaved a receiving blanket thru the front wheel to create a handle bar, and covered the ends with baby socks. I placed a sippy cup with handles in between the handlebars to make a headlight.  I weaved another receiving blanket thru all 3 wheels to connect the bike. I used gift wrapping paper to cover the Johnson & Johnson’s To Go Pack, then glued wooden dowels to the bottom of the pack to create and secure the seat to the diaper cake. The bear fit perfectly!

Honestly, I enjoyed creating this diaper cake, even through the moments of frustration (mainly the J&J To Go Pack)! Getting that little box to fit perfectly in place so that it wouldn’t move was quite a challenge, but I kept at it until it was secure!

When Avayln’s mom received the diaper cake, she was overwhelmed with joy! She visited Avalyn that evening and told her all about the cake and how she couldn’t wait till Avalyn rode her first bike!

What can I say, I love what I do, I love creating something that makes people smile.

Thank you for taking the time to read my submission.

Please feel free to contact me at Salima R. Smith, Cutie Patootie Diaper Cakes, cutiepatootie874@gmail.com