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Trash Pack Trashies Cake

This Trashies Cake is a double layer 6 inch chocolate cake, sliced and filled with chocolate butter cream, covered in grey vanilla butter cream, green slime piping gel (home made), gum paste grey trash can lid, fondant name, fish skeleton and eyes, fondant flies on spiral wire, black icing ants. Printable image of Logo, crushed Oreo’s around the base.

This cake was requested by a customer. To make the lid stand up, I put a piece of wooden dowel through the middle of the cake with 1cm or so sticking up and then piped some icing around it to to support the lid and the fondant eyes balls at the front. I made the lid 1 week earlier so the gum paste would harden.

The tricky bit was cutting around the logo. I found it works best with a knife to nearly cut through and then pull it away, little tag bits can be just trimmed off using your (clean) fingernails.