Coolest Spongebob Cake

When I learned that my grandson wanted a Spongebob birthday cake, I thought I’d better do some research, because I’m a bit rusty in the cake decorating department. I found your site and was in awe of all the beautiful examples on display. I searched coloring book sites until I found the perfect Spongebob photo and enlarged it in a photo editing program until it was the right size for a 12 x 18 sheet cake.

Using parchment paper, I traced and cut out an outline of Spongebob’s body from that photo-no detail yet, just the shape. I then placed a piece of wax paper over the same image and traced it once more, this time with all the detail. After the 12 x 18 sheet cake had cooled thoroughly, I wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap and placed it in the freezer for a few hours. While the cake was in the freezer, I prepared tubes of frosting in all the colors I would need.

The entire Spongebob cake is done with a #16 star tip. When the cake was thoroughly frozen, I cut the cake in half and placed one half on a sheet of wax paper and rewrapped the other half and returned it to the freezer (my 18 yr.would make short work of this and without frosting!) I placed the parchment paper pattern on the prepared half and secured it to the cake by poking toothpicks through the parchment and into the cake.

Using a very sharp knife, I cut along the outline to create Spongebob’s body. Here’s where freezing the cake gives you an advantage-the cake cut very quickly and easily and was very easy to transfer to a prepared cake board. I then gave the cake a white crumb icing and set it aside to dry. Next, I made the pattern I would follow when applying the stars: Using a #2 tip and chocolate frosting, I turned the wax paper tracing onto to the wrong side and piped the detailed outline onto the wax paper. When the iced cake was thoroughly dry, I carefully inverted my “pattern” onto the cake and rubbed gently over the entire surface of the outline, being careful not to miss any spots. When I took up the wax paper, I had a perfect outline of Spongebob to fill in with stars.

I used red gel for his tie and socks, strawberry fruit roll up for his tongue, piped stars over pretzels for the legs and arms and one miniature chocolate donut cut in half for his shoes. I have to mention that the toughest part of the whole cake was in the planning-knowing which colors to use and where. I carefully mapped out the placement of my colors and the rest of the cake went as smoothly as coloring a picture in a coloring book. I’ve also included the recipe for the cake-which is to die for! Your cake will be even, high, moist and DELICIOUS!


3 chocolate cake mixes

3 envelopes of Dream Whip

1 Dozen eggs

3 Cups of ice cold water

Beat on high for 5 minutes and turn into a well greased and floured 12 x 18 pan

Secure thoroughly moistened cake strips to pan

Bake in 300 degree oven for 1 hour

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