My daughter chose a doll cake (with shark, yes I said shark, cupcakes) for her 6th birthday. Not only had I never made a cake like this but there were a large amount of little guests ( boys and girls) that were coming. Yikes!

I did want it to be a surprise so I did the cupcakes the day before and baked the cake layers needed ( I used a bowl and 2 8 inch rounds for the dress). I decided to try a dense up recipe, which did not turn out to be the best choice – the cake broke ) : my daughter tried to make me feel better and said ” thank you mummy for almost making my birthday cake”

So… Here we go again with my own recipe and we’re all together, crumb coated and ready to decorate. I had to wait until the birthday girl was asleep, I finished the base at about 9:30 pm then onto the really fun part (thank goodness I made a lot of the decorations in advance). My husband did a coffee and pizza run around midnight and I finished her at about 2am….

All in all I think it turned out pretty well and my daughter was speechless! Now, maybe I was slap happy from lack of sleep but I think there were some oohs and aahs from the crowd but no one wanted to cut the cake up!

Well we had the base and the, um, sharks and left Cinderella to be admired (her tiny mmf shoe didn’t make past blowing out the candle, the birthday girl got that!) I was glad it turned out and that my daughter really loved it.