Coolest Animated Wheel of Fortune Cake

I’m a sucker for coming up with unique cake projects so I volunteered for this birthday cake one week before the party.

It just so happens that Britney’s favorite show is Wheel of Fortune. That sounds nice and easy to make a cake that moves. John her husband also mentioned that she loves flip flops. Unfortunately my little brain was already set on a spinning cake (Plus we only had a couple days left at that point to figure things out do)!

Here’s a video of the cake in motion:

After deciding on the Wheel of Fortune for our birthday cake design we needed to decide what will actually be in there. Of course the spinning wheel and also the game board had to be there. As a bonus we used the backlit sign behind the contestants and the pointer for the prize amounts.

The first thing I made for this Wheel of Fortune birthday cake was the game board. I found a few images on internet and used CorelDraw to create it at the proper size. I printed it out on two 8.5″x30″ pieces of photo paper and glued it to foam core along with some happy shiny blue and black. I cut each individual letter about 1mm outside of the white. I trimmed each letter back to the white. This gives the letters some room to rotate. On the back of the foam core I cut vertical grooves at 45 degrees to about the center of the foam.

Then I made a handy jig to press steel shafts through the center of the letters. I laid each letter segment in the respective groove, hot glued the metal and taped over it. Looks neat from the back:

yppah tsrif ytriht yadhtrib yentirb

Wheel of Fortune Cake