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Zombie Luau Roast Pig Birthday Cake

For my birthday I had a zombie luau party. I did not want a gory cake so I decided to make a cute little “ready to roast” pig birthday cake!

How I Made This Roast Pig Birthday Cake

I found a vintage Betty Crocker pan set on ebay for $10. Once it arrived I went to work on designing the cake.

  • I used the bowls from the set to make the pigs rump and head. The snout and legs are made from stacked cupcakes.
  • The cake’s flavor was lemon with raspberry filling and whipped cream icing.
  • I made marshmallow fondant and hand-tinted it flesh, black, green and red.
  • I covered the cake with one piece of flesh colored fondant.
  • I made black hooves and a snout from fondant.
  • I then made banana leaves from the green fondant to embellish around my little pig.
  • I used black Xs made from fondant for his eyes  and finished him off with a red fondant apple.
  • The flowers are made from gum paste and fondant which I then hand-painted.

Everything on this cake is edible. It was a BIG hit at the zombie luau party and it fed around 25 people. The total time to make this cake was 7 hours including the baking time. It was one of the funnest cakes I have ever made. I love to challenage myself with new ideas and designs. Thank you for looking.

Zombie Luau Roast Pig Birthday Cake